Make Your Own Rubber Stamps and an Wordery Coupon coupon

Rubber stamps can be a hobby all on their own, or can be used to add distinction to your letters, homemade cards, or scrap booking projects. Even though rubber stamps can be easily found at any arts and crafts store, it’s more fun to custom create them at home! This article includes several methods you can use to create your own rubber stamps and some tips for beginners.

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Everyone has probably seen that meme, “Why buy it for $3 at Wal-Mart when you can make it yourself with $97 worth of craft supplies?” And while there is a grain of truth to it (as with all good jokes), the reality doesn’t have to be quite that bleak! You can use an Wordery Coupon (click here to view some) to save on the various items you’ll need to complete a DIY rubberstamp project, such as craft knives, stencils, glue, and whatever you choose to use for rubber. And because I’m nice, here is a bonus coupon for Expedia.

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Stamp of Approval: How to Make Your Own Rubber Stamps

Rubber eraser: Depending on your level of patience and creativity, making a stamp from a rubber eraser can yield fascinating results. You’ll need a few tools – a hard rubber eraser, craft knife, small piece of wood or plastic, hot glue, and a pencil. Draw your design (as intricate as you feel comfortable with) onto the eraser. Using the craft knife, cut out the portions of the eraser that you don’t want to be “inked” when using the stamp. Glue the finished product to the wood/plastic base and allow to dry completely before using.

Tires or rubber soles: Substitute tire rubber or the rubber soles from an old pair of shoes to create a stamp using the same tools as in the “rubber eraser” method. While a stamp made from tire rubber will virtually last forever, it is unfortunately much more difficult to work with when compared to an eraser. Moistening the tire with water prior to cutting can make the process easier. You will need to be very careful to not cut yourself when using the craft knife on this material.

Rubber band: This method is easier than the previous methods, but generally yields less detailed results. You will need (clean) rubber bands in a variety of sizes. Once you’ve decided on a shape or design, cut the necessary rubber bands in the desired forms. Using minimal hot glue, affix the rubber band pieces onto a small piece of wood or plastic backing. Allow to dry in full prior to using. Test the stamp on a piece of scratch paper once the glue is dry. The real benefit of the rubber band stamp is that it’s fairly simple to correct any mistakes in comparison to the rubber eraser stamp. Simply peel off the offending piece of rubber band and cut a new one if the image doesn’t look the way you want it to.

There are some key points to remember when embarking on rubber stamp making. First of all, remember to invert your text for any words you include on your stamp so that your word doesn’t print out backwards.

Take your time on your design. While you may be in a rush to use your finished product, make sure you allow enough time so that you don’t make an unnecessary cut that ruins the “look” of your artistry.

Overall, have fun and be creative. This is your opportunity to design something that’s entirely unique!