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Bluprint Promo Codes and Crafts: A Match Made in Heaven

April 25, 2019 Craftyy-writer 0

Stay Calm by Keeping Your Fingers Busy (Plus A Bluprint Promo Code to Enhance the Experience!)

When you’re anxious or agitated, it can be hard to know how to unwind. You feel restless, yet unable to concentrate on anything, and that situation can make you feel even worse. But if you have something to fiddle with, it’ll focus your mind and channel that nervous energy, calming you down in minutes – or even seconds. ┬áIt could be something as simple as a lump of putty to squeeze between finger and thumb, or a task requiring a little mental input, such as colouring-in or sorting items.

And with services like Groupon and Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), you can find activities to keep your fingers busy AND socialize at the same time. It’s amazing! And the best part is these services don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. A quick search for a good mattress topper discount turned up dozens of websites with active coupon codes. From social painting events to knitting clubs, you can keep your hands busy …