Make Your Own Rubber Stamps and an Wordery Coupon

February 6, 2018 Craftyy-writer 0

Rubber stamps can be a hobby all on their own, or can be used to add distinction to your letters, homemade cards, or scrap booking projects. Even though rubber stamps can be easily found at any arts and crafts store, it’s more fun to custom create them at home! This article includes several methods you can use to create your own rubber stamps and some tips for beginners.

Save On Supplies with an Coupon

Everyone has probably seen that meme, “Why buy it for $3 at Wal-Mart when you can make it yourself with $97 worth of craft supplies?” And while there is a grain of truth to it (as with all good jokes), the reality doesn’t have to be quite that bleak! You can use an Wordery Coupon (click here to view some) to save on the various items you’ll need to complete a DIY rubberstamp project, such as craft knives, stencils, glue, and whatever you choose to use for rubber. And because I’m nice, here is a bonus coupon for …